Vermeer Great Plains is proud to support local municipalities and city government services. Here you can learn more about the machines that could be beneficial to add to the local city fleet. 

Government Contracts


Considering Vermeer industrial construction equipment purchases on behalf of a governmental, educational or nonprofit entity in the U.S. or Canada? Or part of a Native American tribe, charter school, or public or private educational institution in need of new commercial construction equipment? Consider using Sourcewell to satisfy and simplify the bidding process. Membership of Sourcewell is free to qualifying government, educational and nonprofit entities. Visit their website for more information.

Oklahoma Statewide Contracts

SW193 Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Equipment

Environmental Solutions

Built tough enough to withstand the daily grind, Vermeer brush chippers offer years of rugged and dependable service. Each is engineered with exclusive features that promote operator safety, easy operation, high efficiency and a wide range of chipping material capacity from 6” diameter up to 21”. They’re also convenient to maintain and transport, making Vermeer a great value for crews looking to boost productivity.

  • The SmartFeed feed-sensing control enhances productivity by stopping and reversing the feed roller to optimally process large, hardwood material.
  • EcoIdle™ engine control system is adjustable, saves fuel and reduces noise by automatically reducing engine speed after one or five minutes of inactivity.
  • Select models are available with a remote control, conveniently enabling operation from a loader while still maintaining control of the chipper.
Brush Chipper Feeding
Brush Chipper Chute
Brush Chipper Feeding

Vermeer horizontal grinders are built tough and offered in a variety of configurations to suit municipal waste and composting operations. The grinders feature a variety of feed table length options, a large range in horsepower, a patented duplex drum and Thrown Object Deflectors (TOD) to help reduce the quantity and distance of thrown material.

  • Remote-controlled track-driven grinders provide convenient mobility on your jobsite.
  • The patented duplex drum features reversible hammers and tips that simplify maintenance and nearly double wear life.
  • Variety of screen choices helps you maximize productivity while meeting end-product sizing specifications.
Grinder chopping waste
Grinder being fed
Grinder at work

Vermeer trommel screens were designed for efficiency and ease of maintenance. 

  • Removable side panels expose the full length of the drum screen, providing for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Put the finished product where you need it – loading directly into a truck or stockpiling using the optional radial stacking conveyor on select models that swings a full 200 degrees.
  • Avoid jams with both the drum and feed conveyor being reversible.
Trommel Screen at work
Trommel Screen
Trommel Screen at work

Utility Services

Vermeer Great Plains carries vacuum excavators to tailor to the needs of municipalities. We understand the need to exercise valves in your distribution system on maintenance programs as well as during emergency shut down situations. Learn more about some of the vacuum features that are beneficial on the jobsite.

  • The patented Hurco valve exerciser provides adjustable torque settings for exercising valves and hydrants. The vacuum excavator provides one of the most versatile tools in a municipal fleet with the ability to clean valve boxes, culverts, manholes, drains, catch basins as well as hydro excavate for locating utilities and provide fluid management support to a variety of spill cleanup opportunities.
  • The Hydraulic Boom offers speed, reliability and ease of operation. The telescoping design maintains hose length during boom extension and incorporates a 14″ (35.6 cm) bearing with a 270-degree range of motion. The boom features a 14′ (4.3 m) reach capability.
  • The STRONG ARM is a tank-mounted attachment that carries the weight of the vacuum hose and debris being vacuumed. It helps to reduce operator fatigue and increases job productivity. The STRONG ARM allows 200-degrees of rotation and extends 6′ (1.8 m) from the tank for a wide work range.
  • The Reverse Flow option allows for offloading liquids quickly and easily without opening the rear tank door.
Vacuum Excavator
Vacuum Excavator
Vacuum Excavator

We have the tools for you to quickly identify pipes, cables, and other utility lines through a variety of methods, at a broad range of frequencies and depths. Check out some features of the locators we carry.

  • Straightforward user-friendly design lends itself to simple operation that helps you to zero in quickly on what you’re looking for, making utility locating even easier with user friendly commands assisting the operator in efficiently operating the instrument.
  • Each piece of underground utility locating equipment also includes smart plug and play software that helps to reduce human error when using different line connection techniques.
  • Our locators feature multiple antennas which are securely injection molded in place, to help filter out noise, and give you a clear accurate signal and provide more accurate depth readings.
McLaughlin Verifier
McLauglin Verifier
McLaughlin Verifier

Vermeer Hole Hammers can handle a full range of projects, including gas and electric, fiber and telecom, water and irrigation installations. Contractors have counted on Vermeer for piercing tools since the very beginning of the trenchless age. Here are some benefits to the Vermeer piercing tools, depending on your model.

  • Quick and easy field service in minutes with basic hand tools.
  • Runs one of the heaviest striker to body weight ratios on the industry for maximum power and performance.
Ground Piercing Tool
Ground Piercing Tool
Ground Piercing Tool