No rig, no problem. We provide you a risk-free learning experience

The Vermeer HDD Simulator provides a highly detailed, virtual reality experience. Immerse your crew in a digital world where they can receive hands-on training on a wide range of HDD concepts, including basic drill functions, drilling fluids, mud mixing and steering. Vermeer’s HDD Simulator allows operators to learn HDD fundamentals without the risks and dangers that comes with live drilling.

Course Content

  • Drilling Theory
  • Drill Fluids
  • Soil Types
  • Drill Safety
  • Bore Planning
  • Carve Steering
  • Reamers/Pullback
VR training

Practice Mode

Using virtual reality, the operator can practice drilling out a 200′ bore that will give them a score after they finish. They will complete two practice bores and one evaluation. This evaluation is a 400′ bore that counts towards your certificate of completion. Each operator will get a total of 800′ drilled out and will receive a grading on both practices and the one evaluation.

This course will grade you on rotating the magnets, gearbox float, dropping your rod row, greasing your threads, counter rotation, and pitch accuracy.

How Long Will it Take?

It takes on average about 4-5 hours per trainee. So it is safe to say you can have 2 trainees complete the course in 1 day. In about a week you can get about 10 people to complete the course.

Who is this Meant For?

This simulator can be used for any operator, owner, foreman, or anyone else in the HDD business no matter their experience. There is always something to learn when it comes to HDD. New operators learn about what drilling is and how to do it, where operators with more experience learn new techniques and bad habits they may have.

Where is the Training Held?

To schedule training with one of our HDD Trainers, fill out the information form provided. An HDD trainer will then contact you to schedule the training at one of our locations. 

What is the cost?

The Vermeer HDD Simulator course is $550 per trainee with a maximum of two trainees per day. This also includes training materials required for the course.